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Moniaive Playcare has been providing childcare for the village of Moniaive for over 20 years and is an integral part of the community.

The pre-school nursery has been run since the late 1970’s and the breakfast club and after school club were established in 2005. During 2010/11 they merged to become Moniaive Playcare. In November 2011 we achieved SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) status so Moniaive Playcare is now a separate legal entity with limited liability status.

We are a charitable community venture which, in line with most charities, requires funding to cover operating costs. The service generates about 65% of its running costs and the Committee has a pro-active and ongoing funding strategy to supplement the shortfall.

Managed by volunteers (mostly busy parents) and our team of dedicated staff, we run the Breakfast Club, the Pre-school Nursery and ‘The Zone’ (Afterschool Club).  If you value the service, why not get involved?  You could help make it even better!

Download our Business-Plan-Feb-2013

Download our Inspection-Report-Dec-2012

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